What impact will California’s ban on vapes have on us?

California voters approved the ban on flavored tobacco items, including flavored vaping and menthol items. As such, the state has banned the sale of flavored tobacco items. According to Proposition 31, the flavored tobacco items sale means Californian residents will not be able to buy in-store, anyway they can still buy online and when they are traveling to another US state. The Supreme Court stood aside to let this ban take effect, which was welcomed by many consumers within the state.

History of vape in California

Along with the rest of America, California was introduced to vaping on the market around 2007. Since 2014, it has become common for many younger generations to opt for this as a substitute for smoking cigarettes. The history of vaping in California has been quite famous up until now.

Its status has been growing for a number of years. Anyway, due to the rising concern about teenage vaping and its health issues, a flavored tobacco items ban was introduced in the hopes that this would help.

What is California’s ban on vapes?

During the November elections in 2022, California voters have the chance to either approve or reject a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products. Referred to as Proposition 31, the voters approved this ban on a high margin, which meant the retail sale of flavored vapes was banned as of 21 December 2022.

The flavor ban bill was passed back in 2022; anyway, many vapes and tobacco firms collected millions of signatures from state citizens who opposed the ban.

The legality of flavored vapes and Tobacco in California

Flavored tobacco sales ban

Flavored vapes and tobacco cannot be sold in stores or through a vending machine due to Proposition 31. Luckily, there is no limitation for online sales for licensed retailers who are rightly doing ID confirmation of their customers.

Flavored tobacco is largely accessible through internet delivery but with ID verification for security and safety. Those wanting to purchase vapes will need to look elsewhere for the internet to meet their needs.

California Governor approves flavored tobacco sales ban on October 7, 2023

Although tobacco manufacturers and retailers, including RJ Reynolds, argue that the state law conflicts with federal tobacco control law, which gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate cigarette sales but does not allow states to outright ban certain products. , as they see fit.

“Under the TCA, states have broad authority to regulate the sale of tobacco products. They can raise the minimum purchase age, restrict sales to specific times and locations, and enforce licensing systems,” attorneys for the challengers told the judge in court papers. “But one thing they can’t do is ban the sale of these products entirely because they fail to meet the state’s preferred tobacco product standards.”

But the Supreme Court declined to hear the case or comment.

Which vape products are banned?

The tobacco industry was actually pressed when this law was passed in California as the flavored ban has banned the sale of tobacco items in person. Whether it is menthol cigarettes or flavored vapes, they are both added and classed as tobacco item flavor enhancers.

Flavored tobacco sales ban

Despite tobacco firms putting a hold on the ban for 2 years, it still came into effect at the end of 2022. This ban also applies to nicotine-free e-liquids. California is the second US state to ban the use of flavored cigarettes, flavored cigars, and flavored vapes with Massachusetts being the first.

While internet sales of vaping items are still accessible to California residents, it does make it hard for some sellers to fulfill orders to the California state. This ban contains any area in California from Los Angeles County to San Francisco.

Can you buy vapes in California in 2024?

The vaping industry is one that you want to be alert of both as a seller and buyer of vapes. As the ban on flavored tobacco items has gone ahead, it is not possible to sell legally within the state. Anyway, that does not stop online vape retailers from selling to California locals, and residents of the state can buy online vapes without encountering any problems.

Definitely, though, it is vital to be alert to the legalities of buying vapes. All buyers should be over the age of twenty-one and should be capable of giving their ID when they make the purchase.

The legal age to vape varies throughout the globe but when it comes to America, the legal age for vaping is the same as using alcohol – 21.

It is also value noting that some California counties and cities may ban online sales too and a federal law limits vape products being shipped through U.S mail. There are also a number of other delivery services that stop the distraction of them, including FedEx and UPS.

How to order vape in Los Angeles

You can order vapes in L.A by searching through an internet store and having everything delivered straightway.

The online store must be licensed to sell vape items in various forms and confirm age through ID verification. By ensuring the right steps are taken, the licensed firm may sell vapes.

How to ship vapes in California

When looking for vape items in California, you need to find a licensed retailer selling through the internet and ordering directly with their online shop to have vape items shipped to you.

If you want to ship vapes in California on your own time, then it will be hard since US mail stops the shipping of vapes in all forms.

Firms licensed to sell vapes online have control over the delivery process and work alongside 3rd party delivery services to have vapes delivered on time.

Vapes can be shipped in California within reason by licensed and confirmed and as long as the person getting them is over the legal age of 21 years.

What are the alternatives for California vapers?

Adult vapers are capable of buying their flavored vape online products. Proposition 31 is just in place for vending machines and in-person stores.

As a vape user in California state, as of now, you would not find favored vapes being sold. If you like flavored vapes, then it is value finding your next vape online products. If you are the type of person who just buys in-store, then you will find it hard to buy any in California.

The other substitute is to travel out of state and buy vapes in a state where they legally sell electronic cigarettes and vapes. There is no penalty for those buying a tobacco item or flavored vape outside of the state and then bringing it back into California for personal use.


  • Where can you vape in California?

There are a number of prohibited locations in California where you are unable to vape freely. These include inside any restaurants, bars, or other enclosed workspaces. Some will also ban vapes from being used outside too, so it is value checking wherever you go.

  • Can you take a vape to a place in California?

If you want to take an vape on a plane, it is vital to note that you would not be capable of using it. Just like smoking, vaping is banned for use on a commercial plane so don’t be try to use it while on board. The consequences can be quite extreme.

  • How old do you have to be to Vape in California in 2024?

To be capable of vaping in California in 2023, you need to be at the legal age of twenty-one years old. Just like consuming alcohol or smoking, the legal age remains the same.

What happens next?

The state of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts also has flavor bans in place. Anyway, California and Massachusetts are the only states that have banned menthol cigarettes. The California menthol bans cigarettes have led RJ Reynolds to file a lawsuit against the California state. It is yet to be seen whether this lawsuit will replace anything. We will give updates on this page if there are any changes to effective dates.

New update: The Supreme Court has rejected the move for an emergency injunction that would have put the California flavored vape and vape ban on hold. The court posted its decision without commitment, offering no detail.

If you are an adult vaper in California state that presently prefers vape flavors other than tobacco, we advise you to use an online vape site to order.

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