Flum Pebble 6000 Disposable Vape Review

Appearance Design

The Flum Pebble 6000 sports a sleek and ergonomic design that easily fits in the palm of your hand. The minimalist aesthetic makes it visually pleasing without being overly flashy, which is a plus for those who prefer a more understated vaping device.


With a 14mL prefilled e-liquid capacity and an integrated 600mAh battery, this device offers approximately 6000 puffs, making it a long-lasting option for those who don’t want the hassle of frequent recharging. The 5% nicotine concentration is standard, giving you a satisfying hit each time. One of the standout features is its mesh heating element, which ensures consistent vapor production and better flavor. Also, the inclusion of a Type-C USB port is a nice touch for convenient recharging.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Long-lasting battery and e-liquid capacity
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Variety of flavors to choose from
  • Mesh heating element for consistent vapor and flavor
  • Type-C USB port for quick charging


  • A 5% nicotine concentration may be too high for some users
  • The device is disposable, contributing to electronic waste
  • Limited customization options compared to reusable vapes

Taste Description

The Flum Pebble 6000 boasts a vast array of flavors:

BerryMelon Icy

This flavor hits the sweet spot between fruity and refreshing. The berry and melon tones give it a juicy, succulent appeal, while the icy menthol delivers a refreshing aftertaste. It’s perfect for those hot summer days.

Blueberry Mint

An invigorating pairing of tart blueberries and sweet mint creates a sublime balance. The result is a soothing and refreshing vape experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Luscious Watermelon

This flavor lives up to its name by offering a watermelon experience that is rich and full-bodied. Each puff delivers a wave of watermelon goodness that lingers pleasantly.

Passion Kiwi

Exotic and tantalizing, the combination of passionfruit and kiwi serves a deliciously unique vape experience. It’s vibrant yet smooth, offering a tropical escape with every puff.


Classic yet practical, this spearmint flavor delivers a crisp, clean vape that refreshes your palate and leaves a lasting impression.

Strawberry Coconut

The lush sweetness of strawberries meets the tropical allure of coconut, resulting in a delicious and well-balanced flavor profile.

Strawmelon Apple

A delightful trio of red strawberries, watermelon, and crisp apples creates a complex yet harmonious flavor experience that captivates from the first puff.

Straw Mango

Juicy red strawberries and sweet mangoes unite in an invigorating and satisfying tropical medley.

Cool Mint

This flavor offers an overwhelmingly refreshing experience, with a crisp mint that clears the airways and invigorates the senses.


A strong menthol flavor that delivers an intense cooling sensation, perfect for those who love that chilling kick.

Arctic Icy

An ice-cold blast that feels like a winter breeze, ideal for menthol enthusiasts looking for an extreme cooling experience.

Mango Icy

Tropical mango meets icy menthol in a blend that is both fruity and refreshing.


For those who prefer a flavorless vape, Clear offers a straightforward experience with a focus on vapor quality.

Aloe Grape

An unexpected but delightful blend, combining the soothing notes of aloe with the robust, fruity kick of grape.


Crisp and refreshing, this flavor captures the essence of biting into a freshly picked apple.

Passion Grape

A rich and full-bodied blend of passionfruit and grape that is both sweet and satisfying.

Cherry Berry

A delightful blend of sweet cherries and mixed berries that offers a vape experience reminiscent of a fruit bowl.


Combining two of the most loved fruits—strawberries and watermelon—this flavor delivers a double dose of deliciousness.

In Conclusion

The Flum Pebble 6000’s diverse range of flavors promises something for every vaper, from classic options like spearmint to exotic blends like Passion Kiwi. Each flavor is rich, well-balanced, and satisfying, making it an ideal choice for those looking for variety and quality in their vaping experience.

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