Ukraine Bans Flavored Vape Effective July 11

Ukraine, responding to concerns about public health and the rise of the illicit Vape market, has officially banned flavored e-cigarettes starting July 11. The Ministry of National Consumer Services of Ukraine passed a bill detailing these restrictions on tobacco and e-cigarette products. Here’s a breakdown of the significant rules:

1. No Added Flavors:

  • – All flavoring additives in e-cigarettes, like fruit and cooling flavors, are banned.
  • The sale of tobacco products with additives such as vitamins, caffeine, energy supplements, and those that enhance nicotine absorption or color emissions is prohibited.

2. E-liquid Capacity Limit:

  • – Bottled e-liquid is capped at 10ml.

3. Single-Use Capacity:

  • – Disposable e-cigarettes or pods must not hold more than 2ml, eliminating excessive puffs at once.

4. Nicotine Concentration:

  • – Must remain below 2%.

While several Eastern European nations have recently imposed restrictions on e-cigarettes—ranging from flavor limitations to sales scenarios—Ukraine’s measures stand out. Countries like Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, and Sweden have their regulations. However, Poland and the Czech Republic remain neutral with no imminent signs of imposing stringent rules.

Elux CYBEROVER 18000 Puffs

Further emphasizing public health, Ukraine has limited the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces. Those flouting this rule will face a hefty fine of 50,000 hryvnia (approx. 14,220 yuan).

Remarkably, the ban extends to traditional cigarettes containing aromatic additives or those exuding a distinctive smoke aroma.

As one of Europe’s primary e-cigarette markets with a sizable smoking population, prominent brands like VapeBros, J WELL, VapeOnly, and Joyetech will likely feel the impact of this decision. Ukraine has now joined the ranks of the six European nations forbidding flavored e-cigarettes (excluding tobacco flavors) and the public use and promotion of e-cigarette products.

The shifting landscape in Eastern Europe’s e-cigarette industry underscores the diverse attitudes towards vaping, with Ukraine taking a decisive stand for public health.

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