How to make vape juice, a DIY guide

Making your own vape juice can be an affordable and rewarding way to customize your vaping experience. By crafting your special vape juice flavors, you have the freedom to test and tailor your vape juice to your preferences. While it may seem hard at first, creating vape juice is a straightforward process that can be simply accomplished with the best equipment and ingredients. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step approach to how to make vape juice from scratch, ensuring that you have all the details you need to get started on your DIY vaping journey. Let’s dive in!

What do you need to make your DIY vape juice?

To make your own DIY vape juice, you will need to follow e-juice items:

vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol

Base liquids: You will need vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as the base liquids for your vape juice. These give vapor production and smoothness. You can adjust the ratio of PG to VG on your preference.

Flavorings: Pick from a big range of food-grade flavor concentrates mainly designed for vaping. These flavorings will include the desired flavor of your vape juice.


Nicotine: if you favor nicotine in your vape juice, you will need to get a nicotine solution. Ensure to handle nicotine with caution and follow safety guidelines.

You will also need the following equipment:


Measuring tools: Right measurements are important for consistency. Generally, pipettes or syringes can be used to measure the right amounts of liquids.

Protective gear: Wear protective goggles and gloves when handling concentrate or nicotine flavorings to make sure personal safety.

Mixing containers: Use clean little bottles to mix your vape juice. Most domestic glass bottles will work perfectly.

Ingredients to Avoid

Water & alcohol: Old-school DIY vapers will remember the days of using alcohol and water such as vodka as a base. This was used as it offered similar features to PG but with a thinner liquid. If you are looking for something similar, then swap out the PG for AG. This diluent is a mixture of VG and distilled water.

Certain flavorings: Although the flavorings can be used when cooking, it does not mean they are perfect for vaping. Ensure to just use flavorings that have been mainly designed for e-liquids. Plus, for extra assurance, just buy these from a reputable source.

Very high nicotine strengths: Ensure that the nicotine you are using is not too powerful. Even though the rest of the mixture with dilute this, it is vital to check the right amount you are adding so you are alert of the real strength you are vaping. Use the calculator below to work out the best strength for your DIY vape juice.

Essential oils: Oil should not be used with e-liquid. You may hear people favor e-liquid as vape oil. Anyway, this term is incorrect and comes from the presumption that e-liquid is made with oil due to its similar texture.

Advantages of vape juice

Here are some of the advantages of making vape juice:


Making your own e-juice permits for unparalleled customization, you have full control over the nicotine strength, flavor profile, and PG/VG ratio. This means you can experiment with a big range of flavor concentrates to make special blends that match your flavor preferences. The capability to fine-tune your vaping experience according to your liking is a big benefit.

B.Cost savings

DIY e-juice can save you an important amount of money matched to buying commercially produced vape juice. This is mainly beneficial for frequent vapers or those on a hard budget.

C. You know actually what you are vaping

When you make your own vape juice, though, you can see what goes into it. That means no artificial flavors, no artificial colors – just the essentials.

You can manage the potency of the item, which is great if you need a pretty extra help kicking your smoking habit or if you want to find a new way to calm after work without resorting to high-caffeine power drinks or alcohol.

How to make DIY vape juice

After gathering all the important equipment and ingredients, we are now ready to embark on the DIY process. Below are the following steps:

A. Get the required measurement

Holiday Pie - Scale parameter
Holiday Pie – Scale parameter

Begin by using the juice calculator, which is an online tool that helps you calculate the right measurements of each ingredient based on the desired nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, and flavor intensity. Enter the desired details into the calculator to get the right measurements for your ingredients. As for flavors, it is advised that the percentage of flavorings does not exceed twenty percent, because more flavoring does not necessarily mean a more tasty juice.

If you don’t know the ratio of e-liquid, you can also check out Recipes shared by other users.

Next, prepare the base liquid by adding right amounts of VG and PG to your mixing container. The ratio of VG and PG can change based on personal preference and the wanted vaping experience. General ratios contain 50/50 or 30/70 PG/VG.

B.Include nicotine to juice

After adding the VG and PG, it is time to incorporate the nicotine. Using the calculations provided by the e-juice calculator, carefully add the right amount of nicotine to your mixing container. Take caution while including nicotine in juice and make sure that you follow safety guidelines, such as wearing protective gear like goggles or gloves. As a result of thumb, it is better to use a little less nicotine than the calculated amount, since including too much nicotine can be difficult to fix than not adding enough.

C.Pour the flavoring in

This step is generally the most vital step of the full process; it will determine what your vape juice will flavor like, which is the full point of DIY e-juice recipes.

As with nicotine, include a little bit less flavoring than advised by the e-juice calculator so that you will have an easier time if you want to fix it later. Ensure to mix flavors rightly combining complementary flavors to make your desired taste.

D.Mix it and put it in a pod

Securely close the mixing container and shake it well for many minutes to fully blend all the ingredients. This permits the flavors to mix evenly with the nicotine, VG and PG ensuring a continued vape juice.

After mixing, it is advised to let the vape juice steep for a certain period. Steeping permits the flavor to mature and blend combine over time. To steep the juice, just store the vape juice in a dark, cool place with the cap off, letting the volatile ingredients vaporize. You can also put the bottle in warm water to make the steeping process quicker.

Once the steeping period is done, transfer the vape juice into pods or directly into your vaping device.

What to do after making your vape juice

You have now made your own vape juice, so there are few maintenance tips you should know.


e juice Steeping

Stepping is the process of saving e-liquid over a long period to better the flavor. DIY vape juice can benefit from steeping, as the purpose of steeping is to mature the flavor and make a full better flavor.

It is vital to not leave it for too long, as this can outcome in over-steeping the e-liquid. This can either make the taste too powerful and unpleasant to vape or weaken it and provide little to no flavor. Some e-liquid flavors take longer than others to steep, so it can be difficult to work out when it is ready. Fruit flavors can take one or two days, whereas sugary dessert or tobacco flavors require over two weeks to reach their best.

If you are creating a multi-layered liquid that specs both desert and fruit flavors, you will have to work out a compromise to ensure that every flavor has been given sufficient time to steep without losing its flavor.

Storing your vape juice

  • DIY vape juice should be kept under the following storage situations:
  • The water atmosphere is also bad for storing e-liquid
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Keep your vape juice in a chill and dark area like a cupboard to make it last longer
  • Oxygen also impacts the freshness of e-liquid, so make sure that the bottle cap is sealed fully.


  • A. Is it cheaper to make it yourself?

Yes, it is generally affordable to make your own vape juice. Buying individual ingredients separately can be more successful than buying pre-made kits, which may have low-standard flavorings.

  • B. Are DIY vape juice kits worth the price?

It depends on the standard of the kit. Some DIY vape juice kits may not be worth the price due to low standard flavorings. It is generally better to pick high-standard individual ingredients tailored to specific recipes.

  • C. Can I customize the flavor of my DIY vape juice?

Definitely, one of the key benefits of DIY vape juice is the capability to customize flavors according to personal flavor, create special blends, and experiment with different taste combinations.

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